Is it just me?


A few weeks ago, one of the morning TV programs devoted a segment to “over or under”..what’s the correct way to hang toilet paper? I don’t remember it being a slow news day which would account for a silly story like that taking up precious air time, but hey, what do I know, maybe people have strong opinions about the “tissue-issue.”  Could this actually be a source of serious disagreement in a relationship? I’m going to guess that couples  who fret over how the paper  rolls off the roll do NOT have kids because if you do, ‘over or under’ is the least of your bathroom etiquette concerns.

So no, the TP controversy is not a biggie for me, but  I’ll admit that I have my own pet peeves. I took a few pictures to illustrate one of the worst.  Look closely at these photos-  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but more than one of my girls squeeze like this!  It doesn’t matter if it’s toothpaste, face wash or suntan lotion.. anything in a tube is squished out sideways leaving the container mangled, unrecognizable and sometimes with a split in the seam.

Exhibit A


Clearly, unlike ‘over or under,’ this is a much more serious problem with potentially far-reaching, damaging, relational   consequences. Can you imagine how it could affect your significant other if you left his perfectly flat tube of Crest looking like this? I mean this is right up there with using his brand new razor to shave your legs…this is PERSONAL!

Exhibit B


 And how would a suitor feel seeing this horrific scene lurking behind the cute Crate and Barrel shower curtain in your bathroom?

Exhibit C


Who could blame him for seeing that, and thinking of this?


which could then lead to images like this..The_Screamwhich could then lead to a perfectly wonderful potential mate running out the door and out of your life!

Why risk it, why??


 And PS- For the record, TP should be hung “over.”Toilet-Paper-Roll

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