The better half

twoMy husband and I were walking along the beach when I stumbled upon  this shell.  It wasn’t huge by any means, but it stood out as it was surrounded by nothing but tiny rocks and other crushed sea stuff that had washed ashore.  I bent down real low to snap this photo with my i-phone. The picture reminds me of me and my hubby.  We’ve raised four kids, packed up for eleven major moves, endured plenty of arguments over his choice of movies (and lots of other stuff-haha)..and yet, just like this shell, we’re still together.

I could say something corny and cliched like “we complete each other” and that would fit in nicely with this picture..but the truth is much more nuanced.  I’m not sure I even fully understand how we’ve been able to weather some of the bigger  storms and not come unglued.  But here we are, after 32 years of marriage, and by the grace of God, we’re still holding on tight.

So is there some secret, some formula? I can’t really say there is..

The only thing I know for sure is that if you asked us about our relationship, we would each say that the other person is the “better, stronger, more committed half.” Maybe the answer is that simple..and that complex.







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  1. Lenore says:

    Wonderful !!!! Well said. And thank you truly too!,, the ups and downs are hard. But as my Aunt said to me… it’s very hard to roll with the punches but if you do its all worth it in the end And after almost 34 years I can agree and now know where she was coming from….


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