Silence is golden.


The other day I went to fill up my car and was dismayed to find all new pumps outfitted with those loud, annoying, mini- TV screens. There I was, NOT lost in my own thoughts, forced instead to listen to jibber jabber as I filled up my tank.  Is everything we do seen as nothing more than another opportunity to shove advertising in our faces? Funny enough, there was an article in the paper this week-end where the writer was lamenting the exact

ads in cabssame thing. Seems the bins at some airport security check points are now lined with advertising, prompting his concern that people may not clearly see, and therefore leave behind, some of the smaller items they throw into the trays.

I just can’t believe that marketing wizards sit around trying to identify moments when we are captive audiences..but I guess they do. Makes me love my home even more; an oasis of peace and rest- provided that television’s not on!

What could POSSIBLY go wrong here…hmm.


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