Hand it over!

Mary-Poppins-Carpet-BagThe other day I went through my purse on a mad hunt for a $5 Target coupon. Let me just say right off the bat, my purse is seriously huge. For those of you who have seen Mary Poppins, it’s bascially the size of that large tapestry bag she used to lug around… minus the magic of course.

Anyway, I searched through that bag of mine to no avail, but was stunned at all of the other stuff I found…old mail, my bone density report, a travel bottle of Advil AND two packages of Pepto Bismol. I found antibacterial soap, a small can of lysol spray, a sample sized perfume and an individually wrapped toothbrush. I had my leopard umbrella, a pair of socks, a pad of paper, a container of mints, loose change, a Tide stick for stains, tissues, suntan lotion, nail file, a sample sized tube of face cream,  old hotel room key cards, those charm thingies you put on the stem of wine glasses, my wallet, three pens, two lipsticks and one tampax…because hey, in this whacky phase of my life, you just never know.

My chaotic bag reminded me of how chaotic my mind can get if I let it.  Just like my purse, I can fill it with disorganized thoughts and concerns, plans and lists, gripes and goals…a veritable mental clutter fest of the superfluous, much of which does nothing more than keep me up at night.

If you look at the contents of my purse, more than 50% of the stuff inside is there for life’s “what if’s?” What if it rains, I get a headache, sneeze, break a nail, spill on my shirt, develop bad breath, am overcome with the urge to go bowling, touch something full of germs, or eat food that makes my stomach hurt?  I’m not saying it’s wrong to be prepared, but when I pack my mind the way I pack my purse.. with over 50% of my thoughts focused on “what if’s” ..that’s when I run into trouble.Worry2

Having faith is like handing a big, heavy purse full of worries over to Jesus and asking him to take care of all of those “what if’s.” Imagine consistently experiencing that freedom!

Psalm 55:22 encourages us to “cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” What an invitation- I can just hand it all over!

So yes..my cluttered purse was a great visual reminder to pack light when it comes to my worries. If it’s true that most of the stuff we worry about never comes to pass..then why drag those heavy concerns around all day and night when God offers to take them off my shoulders?preciousAnd yes, I really do need to clean out my purse.

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