Am I ready?

westie3  In the first few days after our beloved, little Bichon died I couldn’t enter the house without gasping. My old dog’s absence collided with his lingering presence creating an emotional explosion deep inside my chest. I felt I simply HAD to get another dog to fill the awful void- and I had to do it fast! I went online and after hours of urgent research came up with a breed I thought would be a good match for us: a Westie.  They are fun, smart, energetic, friendly, and then…

..time went by.  A few days, a few weeks, and now I’m not so sure anymore. Do I want to start all over again? Am I ready for the chewed up chair legs, the little accidents,  the emotional investment and vulnerability? What if he’s really naughty? What if our cats hate him? Will I unfairly compare him to our last dog?

I remember sixteen years ago when my husband and I were arguing over whether or not to get our Bichon. Back and forth we went over the decision until I finally blurted out “GEEZ HONEY, IT’S JUST A SILLY LITTLE DOG!”

But he was so much more…and that’s why this is so scary.






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  1. Kristen says:

    You know I just got a new puppy that is a year old now. Yes the sleepless nights, as if you had a newborn baby again, the chewed up legs, the rush to get home to let the dog out, and all of the other inconveniences. BUT, the unconditional love of my dog, the warm greetings when I walk through the door, going for walks, and the companionship are just a few of the joys she brings me. It was seven years from the passing of my last dog before I got my puppy, and even though I do complain occasionally about the negatives, the positives certainly outweigh them! I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long, however now that my kids are a little older they are able to be a bigger help (such as getting up in the middle of the night to let the dog out) Good luck with your decision!!


    1. Cindy says:

      It’s first I was almost frantic about it because I was SO I’m nervous and not sure. Of course my poor dog needed so much attention at the end there..maybe I’m just afraid of going through that again. Who knows, huh? Hope you are readjusted to the cold weather there girl!!! 🙂 Had so much fun!


  2. Tommye says:

    Cindy, Our neighbor has a female Westie and she is wonderful. So loving and smart. My husband who does not want to be bothered with pets anymore (we’ve had dozens throughout our 50 yrs.) loves this dog. she’s the only one he’ll keep.


    1. Cindy says:

      Tommye, Do you think your neighbor would let me visit or talk to her on the phone? I don’t know anyone with this kind of dog and I have so many about their natural tendency to DIG and BARK…(according to what I’m reading.) Let me know next Tuesday in class, or you can e-mail me at my personal e-mail…THANKS!!


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