The project managers


Every time my husband and I start a project at home I have to remind him that Jesus was a carpenter. The more we fix up around here, the more I marvel at this truth. I mean I just have to wonder, did Jesus ever measure wrong, blow a fuse,  get impatient with his apprentice or put his foot through the ceiling? (OK, so it’s obviously a “no” on the fuse blowing) Maybe it’s just me and my husband..but if we’re working on a project together, it can get pretty testy!

Our most recent project, installing recessed lights in the ceiling, involved my husband venturing into the attic. We live in Florida, so our attic is a claustrophobic, 115 degree crawl space bedecked with insulation and pocked with sharp, long nails jutting down from the roof just waiting to impale the poor guy’s head….again.

So anyway, he “fed” the wire down the wall for the light switch we (he) was installing. My job was to grab it when it fuseemerged. Of course as anyone who has birthed a child can tell you, nothing ever goes according to plan.  But just like in the movies, I rose to the occasion, shook off my fear and guided the baby out safely..(did I say baby? I meant wire.) All this while my husband was yelling out muffled “niceties” that I could barely hear, thanks to all the insulation. He staggered out of the attic about a half hour later, drenched in sweat, dredged in dust, with that look on his face that told me his misery was clearly all my fault and that I was going to owe him big time.

Yes, you just gotta love these home improvement projects and admire every couple who attempts them. From hanging wallpaper to laying tile it’s a stress test for any marriage, but it does come with dividends that can be enjoyed by all..provided no fuses are permanently blown.200_s



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