Hate to admit it, but I owned a pair of jeans just like this!

Maybe it’s because I had four kids, maybe it’s because my husband was always at work…I’m not really sure why it was, but when I was younger I never really hung out with “the girls.” I mean we would do stuff together..attend our kids’ games, work the fundraisers, chat in the driveway, volunteer at church and school, but as far as “going out” simply to tupperware-partyspend some time together..well, Tupperware and Mary Kay parties were mostly it…and they were pretty rare. Honestly our lives were so hectic back in those days, that allotting precious “free time” to anyone other than my husband would have seemed completely unnatural.

Like I said, maybe it was just me and our circumstances, but now that I’m older and my kids are grown, I have re-discovered the unique camaraderie that comes with spending time with just my girlfriends. We support each other, share our concerns and laugh…we actually laugh a lot! Collectively we bring so much to the table with decades of experience amongst ourselves dealing with kids, husbands, ex-husbands, jobs, relatives and of course the big issue de jour: menopause! Getting together is like group therapy- only much more fun and undoubtedly more effective. I always come away from our gatherings  feeling revived and motivated.. as if I’ve tapped into the fountain of my own youth, those days when we wore friendship rings, had secret clubs and devoured Nancy Drew mysteries – remember?

So yes, while there is definitely a list of bummers to contend with in mid-life, there are wonderful, unexpected bonuses just waiting to be claimed, not the least of which is the freedom to spend time with good friends.susan and her friends

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