Happy Birthday!

OH MY GOSH! My baby is thirty!

I remember writing in my journal that I was completely stunned by how much childbirth hurt. Not sure I knew what I was expecting, I just knew I wasn’t expecting THAT! Of course my husband was in the Navy back when our eldest child was born, and mothers’ comfort was obviously not the military’s  primary concern.  Their real mission seemed to be making sure that none of us showed up on the labor and delivery deck ever again.  Towards that end, and in addition to minimal or no pain meds, we were all required to sit through a condescending lecture about birth control prior to being discharged from the hospital. I’ll never forget that stern nurse with her imposing boobs towering over our little new mommy huddle, opening her “talk” with this dire warning:  “ONE of you is going to be back here before your baby celebrates its first birthday…”  She paused at that point, allowing the gravity of her prophecy to sink in, then slowly surveyed the room seemingly waiting for one of us to fess up to a crime that was clearly only weeks away from being committed. “No worries” I thought to myself, “I  won’t EVER put myself through this again!”

Of course I did….three more times… although certainly NEVER within the forbidden one year window!

But back to my reason for writing today- It’s my first-born’s birthday!



My Gosh, it’s been a heck of a ride hasn’t it? To say dad and I are proud of the woman you are would be a statement hardly commensurate with the many challenges you willingly embraced to get yourself to where you are today. When I consider the lives you have touched as a healthcare provider, friend, sister and daughter I am truly humbled and amazed.

God gifted you with the capacity to take on big responsibilities, but you made the choice to pursue them; often at great personal cost. There were times when you felt the glass slipper was too big for such a delicate foot, but my dear, may I say you’ve grown into it… beautifully!

Glass slipper

And beautiful is what you are- inside and out.

So here’s to you honey on your special day.  May God continue to keep you and guide you and use you to make this world a better place.

Dad and I are truly blessed to be your parents.

And yes, I agree-you’re NEVER too old for funfetti 🙂

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